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We're an environmental firm focused mainly on corrosion protection of underground and aboveground metal structures.

Innovative Corrosion Control (ICC) is an environmental firm focusing on corrosion protection of underground and aboveground metallic structures. ICC offers products and services to a multitude of different industries. This offering, of course, includes cathodic protection, design, installation, and monitoring, but also a wide array of support services. These services include education, material supply, coating selection assistance, and other professional services. ICC completes all work “in house” with qualified personnel, extensively trained. At ICC, we truly believe in:

Protecting Each Site As Our Own

Innovative Corrosion Control
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Statement of Qualifications
Innovative Corrosion Control (ICC) is a “full service” corrosion control company with services and product offerings for any multitude of industries. SERVICES and PRODUCTS offered by ICC are listed below. ICC maintains a full staff of experts that are licensed and qualified to work in almost any area on underground or aboveground storage tanks, pipelines, and other metallic vessels needing corrosion protection. Licenses maintained include Federal, State, and N.A.C.E. certifications as well as an extensive “in-house” training regiment that is constantly updated to keep pace with current equipment, techniques, and regulatory criteria.


  • Impressed Current System Design, Installation, Inspection or Repair
  • Sacrificial Anode System Design, Installation, Inspection or Repair
  • Coating Selection Assistance on Storage Vessels or Structural Systems
  • Master Meter Operator Management and Regulatory Assistance
  • Pipeline Operator Management and Regulatory Assistance
  • Soil Resistivity Surveys and Mapping
  • Forensic and Failure Analysis / Investigations


ITBS (Internal Tank Bonding System) Units -Proprietary bonding method
Anodes: Impressed Current and Sacrificial
Rectifiers, Junction Boxes, Wire, Anode Backfills and much more. . .

Innovative Corrosion Control is a full service corrosion control firm that has completed work for hundreds of clients, all over the world. Contact us today and allow our team of experts to solve all of your corrosion related problems!

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